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Dr. Stella E. Okah


Here at True Vine, we care deeply about our patients. Mental Health is a very important factor in today's generation and has become a popular topic. We want to help treat people with mental health diagnoses. With our advanced skills, knowledge and customer service we believe this is the best company to utilize for your family. 

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True Vine - the leading provider of mental health care, supplies and equipment.

Bridging the gap in mental health.


In today's society, a significant number of individuals lack accurate information of mental health awareness and mental health disorders that affect women and men of all ages. Employing a professional to assist your family with these services can increase your degree of expertise. Professionals will teach you more about the functions of the human brain as well as how to treat these problems.

At True-Vines, Dr. Stella Okah prioritizes assisting every customer to the best of her ability. She possesses the abilities, knowledge, and patience to assist anyone who approaches her.

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